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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all of the Kindle editions of my books are now 99 cents. This pricing will last for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you’re bored and stuck in the house, download one or two. I have no plan to make any money from these, I just want to help where I can. Just click on the book links below. Everyone stay safe!

…What’s new and upcoming in 2020…

The Vampires of Silicon Valley

Faced with a failing app and impossible deadlines, an angry venture capitalist forces a small San Francisco startup to accept help from a bizarre, mysterious group of Romanian software engineers, who hold the secret to human immortality.

But there’s an enormous price to pay…

…Fear and Terror in Detroit…

 The Day Detroit Went Dark

The Kindle eBook Now 99 Cents for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Second Edition

…edited and expanded…

AVAILABLE as a Kindle eBook, Paperback and on Audible.com

Caught in the middle of a fatal car chase and drug fueled gun battle, Clive Bradshaw decides to call it quits, leave the city and live a simpler life with his wife Emily and young daughter Amy. Emily drops him off at the foot of Detroit on his last day of work. Clive steps out of the car and into a city on the verge of collapse, rife with corruption, no city services, overworked and underpaid police and fire departments manned by skeleton crews, fighting a hopeless battle against brazen, uncontrolled crime.

…then the pulses hit…

Everything that produces or relies on electricity is destroyed. The electrical grid, vehicles, aircraft control systems, machinery, communications, computers, refrigeration, water pumping stations, all the systems that support everyday life, gone in an instant. Nothing gets into the city and street gangs rule supreme. Chaos reigns, but it’s all overshadowed by an outbreak of a deadly disease, bubonic plague. The disease threatens not only Detroit but the entire country. The plague must be contained…at all costs. Follow Clive as he struggles to survive, find Emily and Amy and avoid the plague in The Day Detroit Went Dark.

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Listen to a sample here…

The Day Detroit Went Dark Audio Sample

GET IT HERE (Audible.com):  The Day Detroit Went Dark on Audible.com

GET IT HERE (Amazon.com)The Day Detroit Went Dark Audible on Amazon.com

The Day Detroit Went Dark
…Here’s the Detroit Cult Classic…

The System – A Detroit Story –

The Kindle eBook Now 99 Cents for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

They all had a system… The professional car thief…. The cop…. The sex trade operator…. The heroin dealer…. The DEA agent…. But in Detroit all bets are off…and you’re on your own. Follow Elena Krizi, duped into sex slavery on the promise of a job, dancing and hooking in an 8 Mile Road strip club owned by Vlad “The Dragon” Dragovic. Ride with professional car thief Chris Wolfe boosting Escalades and busting them down at Eddie Siegler’s chop shop, deep in Detroit. Watch Cletus B. Lincoln, the  Mayor’s personal bodyguard conspire with The Dragon and drug dealer Alanzo Hendricks to open a new, massive heroin distribution route through Detroit. Take them down with DPD Inspector Freeman Washington and pole-dancing DEA agent Ann Peabody. Take a wild ride on the lawless streets of Detroit.. The debut crime novel, The System – A Detroit Story – is available now in paperback or as a Kindle book on Amazon.com. Take a ride on the wild, lawless streets of Detroit!

Have a Kindle or want it in paperback? Get it here at Amazon.com: The System: A Detroit Story on Amazon


Listen to a sample here…

The System Audio Sample

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GET IT HERE (Amazon.com):The System: A Detroit Story Audible on Amazon.com

The System - A Detroit Story -

Reckoning in Escobara

The Kindle eBook Now 99 Cents for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Check out Reckoning in Escobara, the sequel to The SystemReckoning in Escobara is available as a Kindle book on Amazon.com. Click the Reckoning in Escobara tab on the menu bar above to read the first chapter.

After taking down Vlad Dragovic in Detroit, Ann Peabody quits the DEA and heads to Mexico to investigate and avenge the murder of her brother, a U.S. Border Patrol agent. The trail leads to Escobara, a suburb of drug cartel controlled Juarez. Peabody becomes a bodyguard and security consultant to Olga Espinosa , the newly elected Mayor of Escobara, and works with Olga and her brother Manuel to rid Escobara of the drug trade. Along with the multiple, horrific drug-related slayings a serial killer is on the loose around Escobara, and he’s prolific. Peabody discovers that Jason was killed elsewhere before being found on the Texas-Juarez border. Why? Was he connected to the drug trade, or worse, the serial killer? …then there’s the CIA... Stand tall with Ann Peabody on the vicious streets of Escobara as they build a force to protect the people, unravel the mystery of her brother’s murder and uncover the rabid serial killer in RECKONING IN ESCOBARA.

Have a Kindle or want it in paperback? Get it here at Amazon.com: Reckoning in Escobara on Amazon.com


Get it here (Audible.com)Reckoning in Escobara on Audible.com

Or on Amazon.comReckoning in Escobara Audible on Amazon.com

Reckoning in Escobara

Thomas Edison: RESURRECTOR

The Kindle eBook Now 99 Cents for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

“I believe that if our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it contains memory, intellect and other faculties and knowledge that we acquire here on this earth. Therefore, if personality exists after what we call death it’s reasonable to conclude that those who leave the Earth would like to communicate with those that they have left here. I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument as delicate as to be affected, or moved, or manipulated by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when completed, ought to receive something from the other side.” Thomas A. Edison ..AND WHY NOT BRING THEM BACK… An electrocution… An otherworldly voice on an early recording… A psychic engineer… A murdered heiress… A secret lab hiding machinery to resurrect the dead… A modern day practitioner of ancient Egyptian black magic… The plan is in place, but something goes horribly wrong…

Unleash the Underworld with Thomas Edison in

Thomas Edison: RESURRECTOR

GET IT HERE ON AMAZON.COM: Thomas Edison Resurrector

Thomas Edison: RESURRECTOR

The Field

The Kindle eBook Now 99 Cents for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Triggered by intersecting quantum forces, unprecedented storms form all around the planet. Ryan Dillon and Gail Holtz hide in a makeshift shelter while the storm rages above them for twelve hours. The storm abruptly stops. Ryan and Gail  expect to see widespread devastation when they emerge, but,  EVERYTHING IS INTACT, ONLY…DIFFERENT Not only are things changed, but also people. Ryan and Gail step into a dangerous new world that is familiar yet is vastly changed from the one they knew, while new, more severe storms are approaching. There’s one place that’s stable…

The only chance of survival lies in…The Field.

Get it here: The Field on Amazon.com

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