Reckoning In Escobara

Reckoning in Escobara

The sequel to The System – A Detroit Story –

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After taking down Vlad Dragovic in Detroit, Ann Peabody quits the DEA and heads to Mexico to investigate and avenge the murder of her brother Jason Peabody, a U.S. Border Patrol agent. The trail leads to Escobara, a suburb of drug cartel controlled Juarez. Peabody becomes a bodyguard and security consultant to Olga Espinosa , the newly elected Mayor of Escobara, and works with Olga and her brother Manuel to rid Escobara of the drug trade and gangs. A certain ex-DPD Inspector Freeman Washington shows up to help Peabody out.

Along with the multiple, horrific drug-related slayings a serial killer is on the loose around Escobara, and he’s prolific. Peabody discovers that Jason was killed elsewhere before being found on the Texas-Juarez border. Why? Was he connected to the drug trade, or worse, the serial killer?

…and then there’s the CIA...

Stand tall with Ann Peabody and Freeman Washington on the vicious streets of Escobara as they build a force to protect the people, unravel the mystery of Jason’s murder and uncover the rabid serial killer in RECKONING IN ESCOBARA.

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