The Day Detroit Went Dark

The Day Detroit Went Dark

Newly Expanded Second Edition

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Caught in the middle of a fatal car chase and drug fueled gun battle, Clive Bradshaw decides to call it quits, leave the city and live a simpler  life with his wife Emily and young daughter Amy. Emily drops him off at the foot of Detroit on his last day of work. Clive steps out of the car  and into a city on the verge of collapse, rife with corruption, no city services, overworked and underpaid police and fire departments  manned by skeleton crews, fighting a hopeless battle against brazen, uncontrolled crime.

…then the pulses hit…

Everything that produces or relies on electricity is destroyed. The electrical grid, vehicles, aircraft control systems, machinery,  communications, computers, refrigeration, water pumping stations, all the systems that support everyday life, gone in an instant. Nothing  gets into the city and street gangs rule supreme. Chaos reigns, but it’s all overshadowed by an outbreak of a deadly disease, bubonic  plague. The disease threatens not only Detroit but the entire country. The plague must be contained…at all costs.

Follow Clive as he struggles to survive, find Emily and Amy and avoid the plague in The Day Detroit Went Dark.

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FIVE STARS: TERROR! This is one of the most terrifying stories I have read. It comes too close to what could happen. Be afraid, be very afraid.

FIVE STARS:  GREAT READ This story was a page turner from start to finish. I stayed up half the night reading it, and finished the following day.

FIVE STARS:  TERRIFYING AND EXCELLENT As an ex-Detroiter I can assure you that if what happened in the book really did happen, this is about as close to what would happen without use of a crystal ball. Sadly the city of Detroit has been little more than a war zone for the last fifty years and it only gets worse with each passing decade. Mr.Silver has crafted a great and terrifying read. At once gut-wrenching and in some very small ways hopeful. I finished this in less than twenty four hours. Haven’t done that in a long time. Great book.

FIVE STARS: I WAS ENGROSSED IN THIS BOOK This is one of those books that you just can’t put down. I would go use the kindle or the app on my phone whichever was accessable. I truely enjoy all of John Silvers books the always have reality mixed with suspense. Exceptional.

FIVE STARS: TOP NOTCH THRILLER – MUST READ This is a novel I couldn’t put down. I started reading it well enough on my Kindle during a weekday at lunch. Then I caught myself jumping back to it between meetings and staying a little late after work just to see where the author was taking me. As I was falling asleep that night, I remembered I have a kindle app on my iPhone – sure enough, I was able to download it there, pull it up, and I finished the book in horizontal format on my phone! The book, beginning to end, did not disappoint! My suggestion: Read the The Day Detroit went Dark. Its a terrific read.

FIVE STARS: VERY GOOD! Very good read, fast paced, well developed plot & characters and no fat to trim.

FIVE STARS: BIG TROUBLE IN RIVER CITY When the activities of Chinese weapons scientists, Bulgarian hackers, and domestic criminal gangs converge on a nearly bankrupt, crumbling city, the ensuing disasters are of epic proportions.
The story follows one victim, Clive Bradshaw, a commuter to downtown’s Renaissance Center through the days leading up to and throughout the disaster that hits as he tries to get back to his home and family in the Detroit suburbs.
The book builds on the current problems facing the city of Detroit then throws in all of the other problems that would be caused by a massive, targeted EMP strike. The characters are all well-crafted and seem true to life. Their problems before and during the disaster are compelling with a mix of good guys you can cheer for and very bad guys who are your worst nightmare. It all makes the story a frantic page-turner that you hope will never happen in real life.
Highly recommended.


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