Apocalypse Shanghai

Apocalypse Shanghai

Coming in 2021


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Here’s what we learned so far. This will be the last you will hear from us until we return.

FEB 18TH: A severe tropical depression forms in the lower North Pacific.

FEB 20th: The tropical depression evolves into a full blown typhoon heading for Shanghai.

FEB 21st: All models project the typhoon hitting Shanghai with unprecedented force.

FEB 22nd: The evacuation of Shanghai begins. It is slow and inefficient.

FEB 23rd: The typhoon bears down on Shanghai. The evacuation stops. Citizens left behind batten down to weather the storm.

FEB 24th: The typhoon hits Shanghai. Shanghai is devastated.

FEB 25th: An earthquake splits the floor of the North Pacific triggering a tsunami. The waves travel toward southern Japan at 200mph.

FEB 25th: An unknown species of sea worms emerge from the spilt in the North Pacific floor.

FEB 26th: The tsunami hits the southern coast of Japan by surprise, killing thousands.

FEB 27th: The nuclear reactor at Miyazaki fails and melts down, spewing radioactive waste into the Pacific and East China Sea.

MAR 1st: Thousand of irradiated corpses wash into the East China Sea and are swept toward Wanliangxiang.

MAR 1st: The emerging sea worms consume the irradiated corpses.

MAR 2nd: All communication from Wanliangxiang ceases. This is unprecedented.

MAR 3rd: Survivors of the Great Shanghai Typhoon emerge. Entry and exit from Shanghai is virtually impossible.

MAR 4th: Satellite photos indicate masses of giant sea worms toward Shanghai on the S2 Hulu Expressway toward Shanghai over Hangzhou Bay.

MAR 5th: The first radioactive sea worm crawls onto the Chinese mainland at 1:40am.

Our Assignment: Enter Shanghai, record and report what we see. Rumors? The worms consume any organic matter in their paths. Including humans. Our chances of survival?  We’re realists, giving ourselves 50-50 odds at best. We’ve decided to be blunt and brutally honest, due to the terrible conditions we are about to enter. The title of our report is APOCALYPSE SHANGHAI.


Wish us luck.


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